The seL4 microkernel

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This project contains the source code of seL4 microkernel.

For details about the seL4 microkernel, including details about its formal correctness proof, please see the website and associated FAQ.

DOIs for citing recent releases of this repository:

  • DOI

We welcome contributions to seL4. Please see the website for information on how to contribute.

This repository is usually not used in isolation, but as part of the build system in a larger project.

seL4 Basics


See the contact links on the seL4 website for the full list.

Reporting security vulnerabilities

If you believe you have found a security vulnerability in seL4 or related software, we ask you to follow our vulnerability disclosure policy.


A hosted version of the manual for the most recent release can be found here.

A web version of the API can be found here

Repository Overview

  • include and src: C and ASM source code of seL4
  • tools: build tools
  • libsel4: C bindings for the seL4 ABI
  • manual: LaTeX sources of the seL4 reference manual

Build Instructions

See the seL4 website for build instructions.


A list of releases and current project status can be found under seL4 releases.


See the file

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