seL4_tools contains the Elfloader and CMake build system as well as a series of miscellaneous scripts.

seL4_tools misc tools

These are a collection of tools or configuration files that relate to seL4 in some way.

Style tools

Many of the files are for use in styling sources for various languages.

Files for styling a particular language:

  •, astylerc: Style a single c file using astyle and the astylerc config
  • Style a CMake file using cmake-format. Will also look for .cmake-format.yaml files in repo directories.
  • Style python files using autopep8
  • .gitlint: Configuration file for gitlint tool for checking Git commit messages.
  • is-valid-shell-script: Script for checking valid shell script syntax.

Scripts for batching multiple style operations across different files:

  • Finds any .stylefilter files in local directories and calls
  •, Filters an input list of files based on .stylefilter and then calls the relevant style script based on the remaining file’s extensions.
  • Styles all changed files in current Git repository
  • Styles all files in current Git repository


  • A tool for determining source code provenance for imported repositories without history.
  • cpio-strip.c/Makefile.cpio_strip: A program for stripping metadata from CPIO archives to enable reproducible builds. (Recent versions of cpio support this with the --reproducible flag)
  • cobbler: Build a qemu-bootable harddisk image.

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