These are the main top-level overarching projects around the seL4 microkernel.

The seL4 microkernel.
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seL4 specification and proofs.
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Component Architecture for microkernel-based Embedded Systems.
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A simple operating system framework for developing systems on top of seL4.
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Tutorials and Examples

These are tutorials and example systems that are designed to help people get a basic understanding of seL4, it's programming and development models, and how a seL4-based system would look like.

seL4 tutorials

Collection of tutorials for learning to use seL4 and its ecosystem.
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A reference for implementing applications on seL4.
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Tests, benchmarks and documentation

These are a collection of projects, and tools that will help you test or benchmark seL4-based applications or modifications to the kernel. The documentation serves as a reference point to questions that one may have with seL4 or its ecosystem.


Test suite for seL4.
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sel4bench contains benchmarking applications and a support library for seL4.
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seL4 Documentation website

For cooperatively developing and sharing documentation on seL4.
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User level development

These are a collection of projects which build on top the seL4 kernel and includes a number of tools and libraries which aims to make user level development easier.


Userlevel libraries on seL4.
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The seL4 run-time

A minimal runtime for running a C or C-compatible process in a minimal seL4 environment.
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Collection of tools for generating, parsing and loading capdl specifications of systems.
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These are a collection of projects which contains tools and libraries that make it possible to create virtual machines on top of a seL4 kernel. The projects also contain example virtual machine applications that can be run on QEMU and a few specific platforms.


seL4 hardware virtualization support.
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x86 or Arm Virtual Machine build as a CAmkES component.
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These are projects that contains tools that are designed to aid the developer during the development process.

seL4 Buildsystem

System configuration and building using mostly CMake.
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Dockerfiles defining the dependencies required to build seL4, CAmkES, and L4v.
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Provides tools used to build seL4 projects.
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Boot process

These are projects that are related to the booting of the seL4 kernel on hardware and simulators.


For preparing the hardware for seL4 on ARM and RISC-V.
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Hardware Hacks

Various bits and pieces to enable easier use of our hardware.
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