capDL Version 0.3.0 Release


Announcing the release of 0.3.0, using seL4 version 13.0.0.


  • add support for SMC capability
  • add support for binding notifications to TCBs
  • enable MCS build; use seL4_TCB_SetAffinity only for non-MCS kernels
  • allow SchedControlCap to refer to a secondary core
  • minimal update for seL4 AArch64 VSpace API change, removing seL4_ARM_PageGlobalDirectoryObject
  • object_sizes: add include for deprecated constants, because some definitions that object_sizes depends on are now found in a deprecated.h header file.
  • Clean up and clarify arm11 usage in capDL despite ARMv6 removal
  • cdl_utils: remove simpleeval python dependency
  • Run GitHub tests with python 3.9
  • added vulnerability reporting policy


  • use seL4_BootInfoFrameSize instead of hard-coded page size
  • python + loader: Add support for generating fault handler caps with specific rights. Behaviour is unchanged (seL4_AllRights) if no rights are provided.
  • ensure heap is aligned


  • update to LTS Haskell 20.25, ghc-9.2.8
  • fix several cases in validObjPars: Period, IOAPIC, MSIHandle, CBNumber

Upgrade Notes

  • existing capDL specs should continue to work
  • AArch64 VSpace changes may allow simplification of some capDL specs

Full changelog

Use git log 0.2.1..0.3.0 in

More details

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