capDL Version capdl-0.2.0 Release

Announcing the release of capdl-0.2.0 with the following changes:

capdl-0.2.0 2020-10-26 Using seL4 version 12.0.0


  • Convert to SPDX license tags. This includes marking all documentation files CC-BY-SA-4.0.

  • Build system:
    • Support CMakeForegroundComplexCommands. This enables long-running build steps like Haskell installation to directly print to the console.
    • Make PLATFORM_SIFT agnostic of the build system directory layout
    • Save the binary artifacts for the capDL-tool in an out-of-build-tree directory, this will not rebuild in future if it can find a previously built artifact.
    • Migrate scripts to python3
  • Add seL4_BadgeBits constant and update python-capdl-tool to directly query the object_sizes dictionary. This allows for templates to use badge sizes.
  • Add support for Arm smmu v2.
  • Add support for Arm GetTrigger and GetTriggerCore seL4 invocations. This enables specs to correctly specify interrupt trigger mode and core affinities on Arm.
  • Add TCB Resume field to capDL object and support raw TCB object creation.
  • Add GitHub actions scripts. These scripts replicate internal CI checks directly on GitHub


  • rework validObjCap and check TCB slots, which allows vcpus for all architectures.
  • convert CapDL language specification to Markdown.


  • Improve log output.
  • Initialise libc in debug builds.
  • Add check to only flush and invalidate kernel memory regions in capdl loader on Arm. Add platform_info header with memory window.
  • Add vcpu support for aarch64.
  • Handle IRQ binding to badged notifications properly: If an irq is bound to a notification with a non-zero badge, a badged capability is minted and used. Previously, the IRQ was bound to the unbadged notification.
  • Track number of used untypeds during object allocation and fail more gracefully if they run out.
  • Improve debugging printouts.
  • Fix issue where large DTB images inside BootInfo would overlap reserved memory address used to initialise frames.
  • Remove CONFIG_CAPDL_LOADER_ALLOW_NO_CSPACE config option as it has been unused for a while.


  • Optimize spec generation performance:
    • Sort elf symbols by their vaddr.
    • Replace linear search with binary when looking for virtual addresses.
  • Fix Python syntax warnings when is invoked.

Upgrade Notes

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Use git log 0.1.0..capdl-0.2.0 in

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