seL4 and CAmkES tutorials

First make sure you have set up your machine.


The build dependencies for seL4 can be found in the (Click!) file in the root of the SEL4-tutorials GIT repository.

seL4 tutorials

These tutorials get you started with writing dynamic systems and interacting directly with seL4 and our libraries.

Get the code

mkdir sel4-tutorials-manifest
cd sel4-tutorials-manifest
repo init -u <> -m sel4-tutorials.xml
repo sync

Do the tutorials

The top of the source tree contains the kernel itself, and the actual tutorials are found in the subfolder: “projects/sel4-tutorials”. The tutorial consists of some pre-written sample applications which have been deliberately half-written. You will be guided through filling in the missing portions, and thereby become acquainted with seL4. For each of the sample applications however, there is a completed solution that shows all the correct answers, as a reference.

CAmkES tutorials

These tutorials get you started with our component system CAmkES, which is allows you to configure static systems through components. CAmkES generates the glue code for interacting with seL4.

Get the code

mkdir camkes-tutorials-manifest
cd camkes-tutorials-manifest
repo init -u <> -m camkes-tutorials.xml
repo sync

Do the tutorials

These tutorials work similarly to the SEL4 tutorials in that they are guided by a slide presentation. There are half-completed sample applications, with a set of slides giving instructions, with TASK challenges once again. There are also completed sample solutions.

More info:

What next?

You can try building and running seL4test