CAmkES Version camkes-3.11.0 Release


Announcing the release of camkes-3.11.0, using seL4 version 13.0.0.



  • Added support for SMC capabilities
  • Allow camkes components to know affinity; add build time error check for affinity
  • dataport: Add getter for frame size
  • libsel4camkes: expose get_virtqueue_channel
  • Added RISC-V in is_64_bit_arch()
  • Added helpers is_arch_arm() and is_arch_riscv()
  • Added an additional parameter with the current architectures for the macros parse_dtb_node_interrupts() and global_endpoint_badges().
  • Added support for C++ source files in CAmkES components
  • parser: Support address translation ranges
  • serial: add config options for different ports
  • Extended DTB interrupt property parsing to support either one value or three values per interrupt. For three values, ignore the first value on RISC-V.
  • Add vulnerability reporting policy
  • Name frames in a region for easy sorting: When generating a set of frames to cover a region, use as many digits as necessary so that the capDL tool, when it sorts alphabetically, will still leave frames that are meant to be contiguous contiguous.
  • Remove references to and support of ARMv6 and the kzm platform


  • component.simple: fix mismatched type size, which may cause data overflow when CONFIG_WORD_SIZE is 64. Use the CLZL() macro to correctly handle the specified CONFIG_WORD_SIZE.
  • parser,fdtQueryEngine: Fix parser bug with DTB queries
  • Make sure fault handler and control run on same core as component
  • Improve error messages
  • cmake: add missing parameter DTB_FILE_PATH
  • serial: rename Serial.camkes files. This fixes an “unknown reference to ‘Serial’” issue seen on MacOS.
  • Fix IOAPIC vs MSI check in irq.c
  • component.common: align morecore region to 0x1000. This region is used for mmap and brk allocations. If the 4k implementation alignment assumption isn’t obeyed then memory errors are possible.
  • Avoid printing internal debug info
  • Consistently use CONFIG_PLAT in camkes_sys_uname() for all architectures.
  • More robust catching of objcopy errors during build
  • parser: fix attribute_reference regex
  • python: sanitize number formatting

Dependencies, Tests, Docs

  • libsel4camkes: Add markdown documentation
  • parser: Add unit test for range translations
  • Add CAmkES unit and app tests to GitHub CI
  • Make more CAmkES tests available on pull requests
  • Small tutorial fixes
  • Improve thread priority description in docs
  • Remove unused python dependencies
  • Replace obsolete orderedset python dependency with maintained ordered_set
  • Update camkes-deps description and instructions
  • camkes-deps: set minimum jinja2 version

Upgrade Notes

  • No special upgrade requirements.

Full changelog

Use git log camkes-3.10.0..camkes-3.11.0 in

More details

See the documentation or ask on the mailing list!