CAmkES Version camkes-3.2.0 Release

Announcing the release of camkes-3.2.0 with the following changes:

camkes-3.2.0 2018-01-17

Using seL4 version 8.0.0


Known issues

  • Hardware dataports that are large enough to use larger frame sizes are currently broken. There is an issue with

large frame promotion and hardware dataports where the capDL loader is unable to map the promoted memory. This can be demonstrated by running the testhwdataportlrgpages app on either arm_testhwdataportlrgpages_defconfig or x86_testhwdataportlrgpages_defconfig configurations. If this functionality is required, hold off upgrading until this issue is fixed.

Upgrade notes

  • ADL files: ADL syntax changes in this release should not break any existing ADL files.
  • Templates:
        seL4HardwareMMIO template now has an option to map hardware
        memory as cached. The default setting is uncached

which is the same as the old behaviour.

Full changelog

Use git log camkes-3.2.0..camkes-3.1.0 in

More details

See the documentation or ask on the mailing list!