CAmkES Version camkes-3.3.0 Release

Announcing the release of camkes-3.3.0 with the following changes:

camkes-3.3.0 2018-04-11

Using seL4 version 9.0.0


  • Hardware dataport with large frame sizes issue has been fixed
  • Bug fix: Enumerating connections for hierarchical components with custom connection types is now done correctly
  • Bug fix: Data structure caching is now correctly invalidated between builds
  • Initial CMake implementation for CAmkES. See the CAmkES test apps for examples.

Upgrade notes

  • No special upgrade requirements.

Known issues

  • Hierarchical components that export dataport connectors create compilation errors as the templates cannot accurately tell that the connector of the parent component is exported from the child and no code should be generated. A temporary workaround involves making the dataport connection explicitly available to the parent component.

Full changelog

Use git log camkes-3.2.0..camkes-3.3.0 in

More details

See the documentation or ask on the mailing list!