CAmkES 2.1.0 Release Notes

New Features

  • runner takes an --architecture command line argument which selects the target architecture. Valid arguments are: aarch32, arm_hyp, ia32
  • added the ability to specify a hardware dataport as cached. Previously all hardware dataports were mapped uncached. This feature is intended to be used on dataports backed by DMA-able memory to improve access times. Functions to flush dataports from the cache are also provided.
  • support for seL4 3.0.0

Removed Features

  • --hyp command line argument is replaced with --architecture arm_hyp

API Removals

Unmarshalling Helpers

These were intended for use in templates, but are no longer used in any internal templates:

  • camkes_marshal
  • camkes_marshal_string
  • camkes_unmarshal
  • camkes_unmarshal_string

DMA Utilities

These had been deprecated for a long period and are now being removed:

  • camkes_dma_page_alloc
  • camkes_dma_page_free