Introducing seL4 5.0.0

Announcing the release of seL4 5.0.0 with the following changes:

Below are the changes to the seL4 ABI and API:

Generic changes:

  • Add missing case to seL4_getFault (seL4_Fault_DebugException)
  • Explicitly pack bootinfo data structures
  • Modify FinalizeLog syscall - Now returns a number of entries in the log
  • Extend bootinfo to support potentially arbitrary additional structures
  • Deprecate bootinfo management in libsel4 - a replacement, platsupport_get_bootinfo can be found in libsel4platsupport

x86 specific changes:

  • Pass VBE information from multiboot through bootinfo
  • Remove PAE support

x86-64 specific changes:

  • VT-x related cap and object definitions added
  • seL4_VMEnter syscall added

ARM specific changes:

  • ARM-HYP: VCPU interface for manipulating banked registers added
  • plat: added nvidia tx1 support
  • ARM-HYP: Add support for save/restore of debug registers
  • Add aarch64 implementation

Upgrade notes

  • This release breaks both API and ABI and is not source compatible with the earlier versions.

Full changelog

Use git log 4.0.0..5.0.0 in

More details

See the 5.0.0 manual included in the release for detailed descriptions of the new features. Or ask on the mailing list!