seL4 2.1.0 Release Notes

New Features

  • ability to generate libsel4 system calls without inlining them
  • new kernel debugging feature added, which allows developers to call debug_printKernelEntryReason anywhere in the kernel which will output the entry reason and relevant arguments.

Implementation improvements

  • Some duplication between kernel and libsel4 removed.
  • Many changes refactoring the x86 code base in preparation for the upcoming x86_64 platform port.

API Additions

  • seL4_MappingFailedLookupLevel() - get the page table level a frame mapping failed at. This will always return 2 (second level page table) for currently supported 32 bit platforms.
  • seL4_NumInitialCaps constant added to bootinfo.h to track the first free slot in the initial task’s cspace.

Upgrade notes

Source compatible, some API additions.

Full changelog

Use git log 2.0.0..2.1.0