seL4 Version 10.1.0 Release

Announcing the release of seL4 10.1.0 with the following changes:

10.1.0 2018-11-07: SOURCE COMPATIBLE


  • structures in the boot info are not declared ‘packed’
    • these were previously packed (in the GCC attribute sense)
    • some field lengths are tweaked to avoid padding
    • this is a source-compatible change
  • ARM platforms can now set the trigger of an IRQ Handler capability
    • seL4_IRQControl_GetTrigger allows users to obtain an IRQ Handler capability and set the trigger (edge or level) in the interrupt controller.
  • Initial support for NVIDIA Jetson TX2 (ARMv8a, Cortex A57)
  • AARCH64 support added for raspberry pi 3 platform.
  • Code generation now use jinja2 instead of tempita.
  • AARCH32 HYP support added for running multiple ARM VMs
  • AARCH32 HYP VCPU registers updated.
  • A new invocation for setting TLSBase on all platforms.
    • seL4_TCB_SetTLSBase
  • Kbuild/Kconfig/Makefile build system removed.

Full changelog

Refer to the git log in using git log 10.0.0..10.1.0

More details

See the 10.1.0 manual included in the release or ask on the mailing list!