Introducing seL4 5.2.0

Announcing the release of seL4 5.2.0 with the following changes:

Below are the changes to libsel4:

  • Add seL4_FastMessageRegisters: Exposes number of registers used in IPC for more optimised user-level IPC stubs.
  • Additional kernel entry types VMExit and VCPUFault added for benchmarking kernel entries.

x86 specific changes:

  • multiboot memory map information passed to user-level through bootinfo extended regions
  • Expose more seL4 constants

Upgrade notes

  • This release potentially breaks ABI with the earlier versions if using benchmarking kernel configurations.

Full changelog

Use git log 5.1.0..5.2.0 in

More details

See the 5.2.0 manual included in the release or ask on the mailing list!