Introducing seL4 3.2.0

  • ARM Hypervisor support.
  • ARM Jetson-TK1: Cleanup.
  • Benchmarking now supports tracking of syscalls.
  • Support for XSAVE feature set for x86 CPUs.
  • Simplified ARM platform selection during configuration.

Implementation improvements

  • Several enhancements for both x86 and ARM have been made. Please see the commit log for details.

API Changes

  • No API changes in this release.

ABI Changes

  • seL4_BootInfo has a new entry for IOSpace caps for ARM SMMU.

Upgrade notes

  • This release is source compatible.

Full changelog

Use git log 3.1.0..3.2.0 in

More details

See the 3.2.0 manual included in the release for detailed descriptions of the new features. Or ask on the mailing list!