Updates to camkes-vm from camkes-3.7.x to camkes-3.8.0


  • FileServer: Move fsclient to libFileServer-client. libFileServer-client is now a library bundled with the FileServer component. Components that are clients of the RPC interface provided by the FileServer can now link this client library and initialise it with the name of the local-client interface binding (fs for Init) to set up the muslc syscall bindings.
  • Update RPC templates with new grantreply right (rather than grant).
  • Ethdriver: Fix DMA physical and virtual DMA address assumption. Previously, the component assumed that the physical and virtual DMA addresses are the same. This is supposedly the case on x86 platforms but not on ARM platforms. This commit fixes this assumption and correctly passes the physical DMA addresses down to the Ethernet device driver.
  • Ethdriver: Add ARM Ethdriver component and platform specific definitions
  • Add PicoServer component for providing a UDP/TCP socket client interface and consuming a seL4Ethernet interface.
  • Ethdriver: Use new seL4DTBHardware connector. This commit updates the ARM versions of the Ethdriver component to use the new seL4DTBHardware connector. This is done to remove the additional boilerplate code needed to initialise hardware resources.
  • Move Ethdriver and PicoServer components, templates and interfaces to global-components repository.
  • remove global Configuration library.
  • Update virtio_net_switch to new libvirtqueue. Introduces the necessary changes for the virtio_net_switch to work with the new multi buffer virtqueue.
  • CMake: Add Findcamkes-vm.cmake module


  • Add griddle support for easy project configuration and building.
  • CMake: Update project to use CMake modules