Interface guest_boot_init.h

The libsel4vmmplatsupport arm guest boot init interface provides helpers to initialise the booting state of a VM instance. This currently only targets booting a Linux guest OS.

Brief content:


vcpu_set_bootargs(vcpu, pc, mach_type, atags)


The interface guest_boot_init.h defines the following functions.

Function vcpu_set_bootargs(vcpu, pc, mach_type, atags)

Set the boot args and pc for the VM. The Linux kernel documentation contains a detailed description about the boot ABI for AARCH32 and AARCH64

The register setup for the booting core on AARCH32 is

  • r0 = 0
  • r1 = MACH_TYPE
  • r2 = ATAGS or FTD/DTB address

For AARCH64 it is:

  • x0 = FTD/DTB address
  • x1 = 0
  • x2 = 0
  • x3 = 0

Passing a pointer to ATAGs is deprecated, modern kernels use a device tree that is passed as Flattened Device Tree (FDT), sometimes also called Device Tree Blob (DTB). The parameter MACH_TYPE contains a machine specific ID, various MACH_TYPE_xxx constants can be found in the Linux Source code at arch/arm/tools/mach-types FTDs usually contain all necessary information about the machine, so-1 (0xfff...fff) can be passed.


  • vcpu {vm_vcpu_t *}: A handle to the boot VCPU
  • pc {seL4_Word}: The initial PC for the VM
  • mach_type {seL4_Word}: Linux specific machine ID
  • atags {seL4_Word}: Linux specific IPA of ATAGS or FTD/DTB address


  • 0 on success, otherwise -1 for failure

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