Interface vmcall.h

The x86 vmcall interface provides methods for registering and managing vmcall handlers. These being used to process x86 guest hypercalls though the vmcall instruction.

Brief content:


vm_reg_new_vmcall_handler(vm, func, token)


The interface vmcall.h defines the following functions.

Function vm_reg_new_vmcall_handler(vm, func, token)

Register a new vmcall handler. The being hypercalls invoked by the guest through the vmcall instruction. This being matched with the value found in the vcpu EAX register on a vmcall exception


  • vm {vm_t *}: A handle to the VM
  • func {vmcall_handler}: A handler function for the given vmcall being registered
  • token {int}: A token to associate with a vmcall handler.


  • 0 on success, -1 on error

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