The CAmkES CLI is a command line tool for initialising and managing CAmkES projects. It’s loosely based on the rust build tool “cargo”. It’s structured as a command line tool with numerous subcommands. Usage for each can be viewed with camkes-cli <subcommand> --help.

For an example project that can be managed by the CLI, see:


Create a new project from a template (creates new directory named


camkes-cli new hello --template hello_world

Initialise a fresh checkout of existing project

git clone
cd camkes-cli-example
camkes-cli init

Build a project for x86 (run from inside project directory)

camkes-cli build x86

Run a project in qemu-system-i386 (builds first)

camkes-cli run x86

Generate boilerplate for a component named BlahServer with some


camkes-cli component BlahServer --dataport Buf b --consumes Signal sig