Boot CentOS on the CAmkES VM

CentOS Guest


CentOS should be installed on the 32GiB flash drive of the cma34cr using the entire drive, i.e. no dual booting etc. It must be an i386 CentOS 7 installation, images of which can be found at

Kernel Image

The bzimage and roofs.cpio in this directory are from altarch CentOS-7. They are the /boot/ /boot/ From an i386 CentOS-7 installation. You should be able to replace these with the equivalent files from any i386 CentOS-7 installation, regardless of the precise version, although you should not need to do this as this kernel/initramfs should be compatible with any installation.

Kernel Command Line

Assuming a default installation of CentOS the command line passed to the Linux kernel. In the case where you provided a custom name for your root partitions, or if something changes in later CentOS versions, then this needs to be updated from the command line in the grub configuration of your actual installation

Booting the VMM

After building you will have two files in the images/ directory, a kernel- and a capdl-. These need to be booted with a multiboot compatible loader, with the capdl- image passed as a boot module. This can be done with with a PXE based network loader, or by adding to the grub menu of the installed CentOS.

Hardware Configuration

The component specification assumes that the cma34cr is close to its default configuration, with the exception that the SATA controller has been placed into legacy IDE mode instead of its default AHCI mode.

File included from github repo edit