seL4 on the Odroid XU

This page provides info on the Odroid-XU Exynos 5 board

seL4 assumes that one boots in HYP mode. To do this, one needs a new signed bootloader.

Follow the instructions on the HardKernel Forum to get and flash the firmware

The standard U-Boot will allow booting via Fastboot or by putting the bootable ELF file onto an SD card or the eMMC chip.

Run seL4test using fastboot

Get and build sel4test

Checkout the sel4test project using repo as per seL4Test

repo init -u
repo sync
mkdir cbuild
cd cbuild
../ -DPLATFORM=exynos5410 -DAARCH32=1
# The default cmake wrapper sets up a default configuration for the target platform.
# To change individual settings, run `ccmake` and change the configuration
# parameters to suit your needs.

Generated binaries can be found in the images/ directory.

Put seL4test onto the board

Boot the Odroid, with serial cable attached, and a terminal emulator attached to the serial port.

Interrupt U-Boot’s autoboot by hitting SPACE

Enter Fastboot mode by typing fastboot

On the host,

mkimage -A arm -a 0x48000000 -e 0x48000000 -C none -A arm -T kernel -O qnx -d images/sel4test-driver-image-arm-exynos5 image
fastboot boot image