seL4 supports the the KZM-ARM11-01, which can also be simulated in qemu.

The KZM is deprecated, ARMv11 Hardware which was used for the original seL4 verification. The latest verification platform is the SabreLite.


Checkout the sel4test project using repo as per seL4Test

repo init -u
repo sync
mkdir cbuild
cd cbuild
../ -DPLATFORM=kzm -DAARCH32=1
# The default cmake wrapper sets up a default configuration for the target platform.
# To change individual settings, run `ccmake` and change the configuration
# parameters to suit your needs.
# If your target binaries can be executed in an emulator/simulator, and if
# our build system happens to support that target emulator, then this script
# might work for you:

If you plan to use the ./simulate script, please be sure to add the -DSIMULATION=1 argument when running cmake.

Generated binaries can be found in the images/ directory.