Jetson TX2

The Jetson TX2 is an embedded system-on-module (SOM) developed by NVIDIA.

The seL4 kernel has a limited port to the TX2 which supports the SoM only in 64-bit mode.

Building seL4test

Checkout the sel4test project using repo as per seL4Test

repo init -u
repo sync
mkdir cbuild
cd cbuild
../ -DPLATFORM=tx2 -DAARCH64=1
# The default cmake wrapper sets up a default configuration for the target platform.
# To change individual settings, run `ccmake` and change the configuration
# parameters to suit your needs.

Generated binaries can be found in the images/ directory.

Booting via PXE

A U-Boot uImage will be created by the seL4 build system. This can be booted by U-Boot using PXE.