A guest hardware virtualisation library for X86 (32-bit) and ARM (aarch32 & aarch64) for use on seL4-based systems. Reference implementations using this library are:

  • CAmkES VM (x86) -
  • CAmkES ARM VM (arm) -

For documentation on the libsel4vm interface see here


  • Hardware virtualisation support for the following architectures:
    • ARM
      • ARMv7 (+ Virtualisation Extensions)
      • ARMv8
    • X86
      • ia32 (Intel VTX)
  • IRQ Controller emulation
    • GICv2 (aarch32, aarch64)
    • PIC & LAPIC (ia32)
  • Guest VM Memory and RAM Management
  • Guest VCPU Fault and Context Management
  • VM Runtime Management

Architecture Specific Features

  • SMP support for GICv2 (ARM) platforms
  • IOPort fault registration handler
  • VMCall handler registration interface

Potential future features (yet to be implemented)

Architecture Specific Features

  • Virtual GICv3 support (aarch32 & aarch64)
      • SMP support for GICv3 platforms
  • x86-64 support (Intel VTX)
  • SMP support on x86 platforms (ia32 & x86_64)

Note: This is a consolidated library composed of libraries previously known as (but now deprecated) ‘libsel4vmm’ (x86) and ‘libsel4arm-vmm’ (arm).

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