Interface vusb.h

The libsel4vmmplatsupport vusb interface presents a Virtual USB driver for ARM-based VM’s.

Brief content:


vm_install_vusb(vm, hcd, pbase, virq, vmm_ncap, vm_ncap, badge)



The interface vusb.h defines the following functions.

Function vm_install_vusb(vm, hcd, pbase, virq, vmm_ncap, vm_ncap, badge)

Install a virtual usb device Calls made to this hcd may be redirected for filtering.


  • vm {vm_t *}: The VM in which to install the device
  • hcd {usb_host_t *}: The USB host controller that should be used for USB transactions.
  • pbase {uintptr_t}: The guest physical address of the device (2 pages)
  • virq {int}: The virtual IRQ number for this device
  • vmm_ncap {seL4_CPtr}: The capability to the endpoint at which the VMM waits for notifications.
  • vm_ncap {seL4_CPtr}: The index at which to install a notification capability into the VM
  • badge {int}: The seL4 badge which should be applied to the notification capability.


  • A handle to the virtual usb device, or NULL on failure

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Function vm_vusb_notify(vusb)

This function should be called when a notification is received from the VM. The notification is identifyable by a message on the fault endpoint of the VM which has a badge that matches that which was passed into the vm_install_vusb function.


  • vusb {vusb_device_t *}: A handle to a virtual usb device


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