Interface generic_forward_device.h

This interface facilitates the creation of a virtual device used for dispatching faults to external handlers. For example when using CAmkES, a device frame for a real device can be given to a different CAmkES component and this virtual device will forward read and write faults over a CAmkES interface so the component can perform or emulate the actions.

Brief content:


vm_install_generic_forward_device(vm, d, cfg)




The interface generic_forward_device.h defines the following functions.

Function vm_install_generic_forward_device(vm, d, cfg)

Install the virtual forwarding device into a VM instance


  • vm {vm_t *}: A handle to the VM
  • Virtual {const struct device *}: device being forwarded
  • Interface {struct generic_forward_cfg}: for forwarding the devices read and write faults


  • -1 for error, otherwise 0 for success

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The interface generic_forward_device.h defines the following structs.

Struct generic_forward_cfg

Interface for forwarding read and write faults


  • write_fn {forward_write_fn}: A callback for forwarding write faults
  • read_fn {forward_read_fn}: A callback for forwarding read faults

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