Interface guest_vm_arch.h

The guest x86 vm interface is central to using libsel4vm on an x86 platform, providing definitions of the x86 guest vm datastructures and primitives to configure the VM instance.

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The interface guest_vm_arch.h defines the following structs.

Struct vm_vcpu

Structure representing x86 specific vm properties


  • vmexit_handler {vmexit_handler_ptr}: Set of exit handler hooks
  • vmcall_handlers {vmcall_handler_t *}: Set of registered vmcall handlers
  • vmcall_num_handler {unsigned int}: Total number of registered vmcall handlers
  • guest_pd {uintptr_t}: Guest physical address of where we built the vm’s page directory
  • unhandled_ioport_callback {unhandled_ioport_callback_fn}: A callback for processing unhandled ioport faults
  • unhandled_ioport_callback_cookie {void *}: A cookie to supply to the ioport callback
  • ioport_list {vm_io_port_list_t}: List of registered ioport handlers
  • i8259_gs {i8259_t *}: PIC machine state

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Struct vm_vcpu_arch

Structure representing x86 specific vcpu properties


  • guest_state {guest_state_t *}: Current VCPU State
  • lapic {vm_lapic_t *}: VM local apic

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