The CMA34D is an embedded i7 board. It needs 12V and 5V supplies. It does not have a BMC (Base Management Controller) so cannot be controlled remotely.

We used a Stellaris Connected Launchpad connected to an RS232 level converter and a 2-way Relay Module, together with a suitable Power Supply.

The exact parts don’t matter, although I’ve given links to eBay stores where the ones we used can be seen.

Photo of CMA34CRD setup

In the picture, the CMA34D is at the left, with the TTL-to-RS232 converter above it. The Launchpad is in the middle, with the relay board above it, partially obscured by the wiring harness. The power supply is on the right. All is mounted on a cheap polyethylene breadboard that has been covered in aluminium tape to provide a ground plane; all the boards and cables are mounted on 20mm standoffs.

Software for the launchpad is available at Use the master branch, and the project is at packages/machine-tm4c1294-launchpad/projects/embedded_pc_testbed_src

The relays are connected to pins PK6 and PK7 on the launchpad; the UART to pin PA0 (Rx) and PA1 (Tx). You’ll need to swap the wires to the level converter (so Rx from teh launcpad connects to Tx on the level converter, and vice versa); and make sure jumpers J4 and J5 are set to UART.