This page describes the ARM virtual machine monitor. ‘Out-of-the-box’ it is set up for a Jetson TK1; there is also a configuration for an Odroid XU (note this is the ‘‘original’’ XU, not the current XU4)

Getting and Building

repo init -u
repo sync
mkdir build
cd build

To build for the odroid-XU instead of the tk1, use -DCAMKES_VM_APP=odroid_vm.

An ELF file will be left in images/capdl-loader-experimental-image-arm-tk1\ We normally boot using TFTP, by first copying capdl-loader-experimental-image-arm-tk1 to a tftpserver then on the U-Boot serial console doing:

dhcp tftpboot $loadaddr


The default setup does not pass though many devices to the Linux kernel. If you make menuconfig you can set insecure mode in the Applications submenu; this is meant to pass through all devices, but not everything has been tested and confirmed to work yet. In particular, the SMMU needs to have extra entries added for any DMA-capable devices such as SATA.